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P.O Box 418

Post Falls, Id 83854


Open:  Monday-Wednesday-Friday


Tuesday-Thursday 8:00-2:00pm

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Monthly MENU 


Donation of $5 (60+)

$7 for 59 and under

Please call at 208-773-9582 before 10am the day of lunch to be added to the list

We are located at 1215 E 3rd Avenue, Post Falls

 3  Taco Bar (beef/chicken) refried beans dessert,juice/milk/coffee

 5 Sweet n Sour Chicken, Rice, dessert,milk, juice,coffee

 7 Pork Loin, Potato, veggies/ dessert,milk, juice, coffee

 10 Beef Stroganoff, veggies,dessert/juice/milk/ coffee

12 Ham w/Mac & Cheese/ fruit salad/dessert, milk/ juice,coffee

 14                      HAPPY VALENTINE DAY 

  Chicken cordon Blue,/salad/dessert,milk, juice,coffee

17 Soup & Sandwich Bar/ fruit salad/dessert, milk,juice, coffee

19 Spaghetti w/ meat sauce, garlic bread/veggies/ dessert,milk,     juice, coffee 

21 Baked Cod, scalloped potato,salad,dessert,milk,juice,coffee

24  French Dip, pasta,dessert, milk, juice, coffee  

26 Chicken Parmesan. veggies, potato,dessert/coffee/juice 

28  Meatloaf, potato, veggies/ dessert/milk, juice coffee           

Please call 208-773-9582 before 10am the day of lunch to be put on the list

We reserve the right to change menu items as needed