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Frequently Asked questions

About HOme Delivered 

What are Home Delivered Meals?

A home delivered meal (HDM) is one of the most important ways to maintain our nutrition until we are able to take care of our own daily activities. The meals consists of hot, cold, frozen, dried, canned, fresh, or supplemental foods. Senior Centers prepare the meals and their volunteers deliver them to your homes.

What Do Home Delivered Meals and Congregate Meals Do?

We primarily provide nutritious meals, a quick safety check and much-needed human connection to home bound seniors. We prepare, coordinate and deliver Home Delivered Meals serving 70+ home bound individuals 3 days a week (with enough food for a week). We serve a nutritious lunch to our seniors Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Congregate meals exist to reduce hunger and food insecurity, promote socialization of older individuals, promote the health and well being of older individuals by assisting them to gain access to nutrition.

Why Does The Post Falls Senior Center Exist?

We are committed to providing of physical, emotional and economic support to maintain independence of seniors and the opportunity to interact with the community. The Post falls Senior Center is committed to promoting healthy and independent senior living and preparedness. We provide opportunity and support for continued senior independent healthy living, on a day to day basis we provide the following. A full compliment and nutritious dining room lunch experience open to the community, on Monday, Wednesday and Friday including social activities. 

Who Pays For The Meals?

The Older Americans Act pays for approximately one third of Home Delivered Meals funding, while local communities and private resources generate the rest. These sources vary by community and include client payments, contributions from private donors, foundations and state and local governments. Current funding levels, however, are inadequate and waiting lists are building in every state across America. Therefore, the need to protect existing funding and create new funding streams is imperative. 

ABOUT Home delivered meals CLIENTS

Who Are the Clients of Home Delivered Meals?

They are primarily older than 60 and, because of physical limitations or financial difficulties, struggle to shop for or prepare meals for themselves. These are our loved-ones, parents, grandparents, veterans and neighbors. 

Who Qualifies For Home Delivered Meals?

Seniors threatened with hunger and social isolation make up the core of Meals on Wheels clients. Services typically require physical or financial challenges to their ability to eat healthy meals and move freely about their communities. If you or someone you know is interested in Home Delivered Meals please call us for a quick intake to see if you qualify. (208) 773-9582

About Volunteering

Why is Volunteering So Important?

People 85+ represent the fastest growing segment of the American population, and the number of seniors as a whole is projected to double over the next three to four decades. While our current corps of 2 million volunteers is struggling to keep pace with this rapid growth, it will take a huge increase in volunteers and resources to begin to meet the need going forward.

If you can’t volunteer but would like to help, consider donating to help protect and provide the comfort, company and nutrition seniors need.

What Will I Be Doing When I Volunteer?

The most common volunteer job is delivering meals and friendly greetings to home bound seniors. Most typically, this involves picking up meals at a central location and delivering them along a pre-determined route directly to the homes of several seniors in your area. Once you’re done, you return the delivery packaging items and get back on your way. Other important jobs are Back Up Drivers, maybe you cant commit to a weekly route but are able to help when called, "Bag Ladies" Help pack the morning bags that go out to our Meals on Wheels clients Monday, Wednesday, Friday. Janitorial we can always use help keeping our facility ready for our guests. Lunch servers and clean up, help serve lunch to our seniors and clean up tables after they have finished (don't worry you wont have to do any dishes). Dishwashers and Bingo callers are also needed. 

How Often Will I Be Expected to Volunteer?

We can set up a volunteer schedule that works with yours. Whether that be once a week, once a month or as needed, just mention your preferences when you connect with us.

How Long Does It Take To Volunteer?

We typically aim to provide volunteer opportunities that fit within half an hour up to an hour and a half.

Will I Eat with the Home Delivered Meals Clients?

Volunteers are expected to deliver the meal and generally check in with the clients to make sure they are okay through a friendly greeting or brief conversation. You are not expected to stay with the client for the meal as you will have several clients on your route.

Who Prepares The Food?

Paid staff prepare the meals. Food preparation is not part of the meal delivery volunteer assignment. Meals are individually packaged to be handed off simply to clients.

Is There A Vetting Process For Volunteers?

You may be asked to undergo a background check process prior to delivering meals if your local program assigns you to a route unaccompanied by a more experienced volunteer or staff member.

Do I Need A Car?

Volunteers who deliver meals will drive their own cars. We do offer mileage reimbursement at .655 cents a mile. 

Fill out our volunteer application to get the process started and please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

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